In order to pay for your orders through our bank fast and reliable platform you can use your principal credit card:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard/EuroCard
  • Postepay

International Prices
All prices indicated in the site are in local currency (Euro). For overseas transactions, the exchange rate will be calculated by the various channels of payment (credit card, bank circuits etc).

Taxes and/or VAT
VAT is charged on goods sold within Europe. The prices listed in the site include taxes and/or VAT. Orders made outside Europe may be subject to local taxes, boarder taxes and custom duties. We are not responsible for duties charged by other countries and delays caused by customs, since customs rules vary significantly from one country to another. We would like to suggest to all our clients to contact the local customs office for more information. Please bear in mind that cross-boarder shipments may be subject to inspections by custom authorities.


Which are the various methods of payment? When checking out, the various payment options applicable in a specific geographical area will be made available. In order to make your orders as soon as possible, as already mentioned, you will be able to choose between Credit Card.

Can I use a cash card (bancomat ) if it has the Visa/ Master Card logo on it? You can only use this if it is backed by the banking system.

When will the payment for the orders be charged? The payment for the orders is charged simultaneously with an order of one or more articles. If you use a cashcard/bancomat (where it is possible), depending on the bank, an authorization connected to the card “blocks” the funds making the authorized amount inaccessible, which will then appear as “charged” in the ledger balance.

Do you accept PayPal if it has an account? Not yet.

Do you accept payments with shipment with cash on delivery and/ or bank transfer? Actually no. if it’s possible, you will find the necessary information in the Methods of Payment section.

Do the prices include VAT? The prices on the site always include VAT.

What can be done if the transfer of funds takes more than two weeks? In the case of unusual delays, our advise is to call your bank and to contact our customer service.


The present conditions of sale are not applicable to all orders made through our site; all orders made, and to all agreements reached between the parties in relation to products and services offered by the present on-line store.

Restitution Rights
The seller is responsible for supplying quality products with the aim of satisfying the clients desires and expectations, if the client is not satisfied with his purchase for any reason, it’s possible to return the gods (the article must be intact in every aspects including its eventual packaging either internal or external) within 8 working days from the date of the receipt, in order to get the free replacement or a complete refund of the price of the product. This is based on relevant applicable laws in Italy. The shipping cost will not be reimbursed except there is a specific agreement between both parts (large orders, products with particular characteristics etc).
The items to be replaced must be wrapped in the original packaging. Make sure you always include the reason for the replacement in written form and specify if you want a replacement or a refund. We would like to advise you to return the goods through a method of shipment that can be tracked ( when the shipping for replacement is the responsibility of the Client).

Delivery times
Delivery will be made on the bases of the courier service chosen within 15 working days. Shipping to foreign countries may experience delays due to custom. The transporter indicated on the confirmation mail (delivery note) of the shipping is responsible for the phases between the transportation and the delivery. For problems of any nature or delays, our advise is that you verify the situation of your order on the system of the courier and/or get in contact with us ( our contact details can be found in the ‘Contact’ section).

The Price
In spite of the price of the product shown on the site, we cannot give a 100% confirmation of the price until the order has been made. Notwithstanding all our effort, the price of a few items shown on the site may not be correct and therefore change due to modifications to the site during the period of your visit to the site.

Description of the products
We try to describe the products in the most accurate way possible, however we cannot guarantee that the description of the products or other contents in the site are perfectly accurate, complete, reliable, updated or without mistakes. If any of our products purchased by you does not fit the description made, the only solution is a replacement of the product in accordance with the conditions described earlier.

Declaration of lack of responsibiltity
The seller is not responsible for any financial damages (including , just as example , the cost of replacement of any purchases) which could occur as a result of delay in delivery, goods out of stock and/or conformity of the product.

Applicable Laws
he offers made by the seller, the orders and the agreements between the parts for the evasion of the services and/or products are subject to Italian Law. The Court of Milan, Italy will have full jurisdiction in handling all kinds of disputes between the parts in relation to our products and/or services sold on the sit

Principal Language
The translation of the conditions of sale into other languages is being given for information purposes. The Italian Language version will be applied in whatever disputes between the parts in relation to our products and/ or services. In case of conflicts and/ or ambiguities between the different versions, the only language translation that shall be considered legally binding is the English version.

Modifications and save clauses.
The seller reserves the right to modify the site, the policies, the Conditions of use and the present conditions of sale at any time and at his discretion. Therefore, the client must check our policies, terms and conditions during every visit to our site. The continuous use of the site in the part of the user after such modifications means an acceptance of such of modifications. If the any terms or conditions in this herein contained are considered non-valid, null or not applicable for any reason, such terms or conditions will be considered divisible and will not have an influence on the validity or applicability of the rest of the terms and conditions.

Date of last update: September 2012

Customer satisfaction

How to track an order
The client must always have the order number and the email address used for the order. It’s also possible to use the tracking system of the courier company used (see shipping mail), or you can contact us for assistance (see the times in the “Contact” section) at the email address:

At what point is the shipping?
For any questions regarding the order, contact our client service, available on the dates and times specified on the “contact” section . The questions can also be sent by email to Our client service will respond as soon as possible (within 24-48 hours).

Instructions for replacement
The quality of the product is very important for the Seller 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason the Client is not completely satisfied with his purchase, he/she can have the product replaced in accordance with the regulations previously described, and/or have any type of support necessary at:

Extra specific details regarding treatment of personal details.

The seller manages the personal details in conformity with the Italian law in vigor. To see such information see pdf at the bottom of the site.

How and when is the information collected?
We collect information from the Client when the Client sends us such information. For example, if you buy our product, the system generally registers your name, address, telephone number, credit card number and email address. Instead if you only write us a letter we would only be in possession of your email address( with the possibility of description/discretion attached to the letter).

Use of the information
The seller is responsible for maintaining privacy. We will therefore not loan or sell or share the Client’s personal details without the consent of the client. The information is used for internal purposes which are for elaboration and for updates regarding the orders. Even circuit partners of credit cards and Paypal which help in the making of payment do not conserve, share, file or use the information that could identify the Clients personally for ulterior motives. If you are no longer interested in receiving announcements and other marketing information through by email, send a request to the email address: including your full name, email address and the specific posted material. Please note that you could still receive communication related to client assistance.

IP addresses and cookie
The system also collects “non personal” information, for example the type of browser, the URL of the site that was previously visited, the name of the internet provider, the operative system of the IP address. The “non personal” information can be easily used to identify the Client. Such information is used with the objective of improving the system and for the analysis of the marketing data. Furthermore, like most of the e-commerce sites, the system uses “cookie”. Cookies are small fragments of information memorized on the computer of the web browser . Even if the cookies don’t memorize any personal information, they enable you to maintain the articles in the trolley between different visits or during the same visit, or they supply you the best user experience. The use of cookies on the part of the browser, is at your discretion. If you haven’t modified the settings of your computer, probably the cookies have already been accepted by the browser.

Protection of Information
The protection of personal information is very important in full respect of the conditions established by the regulations in vigor. When reserved information like credit card number is entered into in the registration or order form, the information is encrypted using SSL technology. For purchases made online by credit card, the number of the credit card is memorized in a codified format for a limited period of time and our staff do not have access to such information. No sensitive data is memorized. The system uses generally accepted standards in this sector to protect information sent by non authorized accesses or diffusion, either during the transmission or during the reception of the such data. Nevertheless, no method of transmission of the information on the internet or electronic memorization is 100% safe. Therefore, while trying to use methods that are commercially valid for the protection of personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute protection. The Seller does not take any responsibility for any kind of diffusion of the data due to transmission errors, unauthorized access of third party and/or any other act by third parties of other acts or omissions.

Privacy of the under-aged
The services are aimed at adult users. Consequently, the information of people identified as under-aged will not be collected and used . Furthermore, the information that has been described as belonging to an under-aged person, will be eliminated form our database.

Update of personal information
If it is necessary to modify personal information, it’s possible to correct them, update them or remove them by contacting our customer assistance at the email address:

Principal Language
The translation of the information on the treatment of personal data in English and the Conditions of sale is the only language of reference.

Modifications to the information on the treatment of personal data.
In case of modifications to the information on the treatment of personal data, a new version will be published on the site and will be in vigor from the date of publication on the site. The new information will be applicable to all users, past or present, of the Website and will substitute any previous information that is contrary.

For any questions regarding the information on the treatment of personal data, contact us with the email address:

Date of last update: September 2012