Silvia Gagliardini is a jewelry designer and gemologist for over fifteen years;
creative consultant for important Italian and foreign companies.
Young and well known Italian jewelry designer, her creativity ranges from high fashion jewelry accessories and one of a kind items to well studied large distributed pieces for established brands.

In the design phase she is using classical tools combined with advanced 3D-modelling and prototyping. Design quality is guaranteed by a deep knowledge of modeling techniques that allows to follow each piece from the initial sketch to its completion.

Silvia Gagliardini’s main customers are top Italian jewelry brands, among which: Antonini, Eclipse, Morellato, Mattioli, Maschio, Gavello, Molecole. Silvia Gagliardini’s cufflinks collections is being distributed by Davide Cenci, one of the most ancient and well regarded Italian fashion brand with shops in Rome, Milan and New York

Cufflinks. Silvia Gagliardini, presents her brand new cufflinks collection, dedicated to men who love elegance and creativity. Silvia Gagliardini’s cufflinks are small masterpieces, enriched by a deep experience in crafting and full of fresh and updated inspiration. Always original and wonderfully made, this cufflinks collection is the best for special occasions and everyday life.

Jewelry collections. Silvia Gagliardini proposes high quality jewellery masterpieces as well, made with gold, platinum and astonishing precious stones. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants with a small fish shape, in gold and diamonds, is the theme of the ‘Big fish’ collection, while ‘Re’ and ‘Regina’ precious collections play with the exclusive and funny “chips” element combined with small, wave-shaped rings. The wedding ring collection: from the traditional ones with thin section made of glimmering gold and platinum, to more original ones, with thick surface in pure gold where the bride and groom may engrave their names.

Careful crafting. Jewelry crafting is completely made in Italy under the supervision of Silvia Gagliardini.

Bespoke items. The designer offers the possibility to create special and unique pieces, creating them according to customer’s need.

Materials. The greatest innovation of Silvia Gagliardini’s jewelry collections is the usage of original stones, in all the most fancy natural colors, with its soft and charming delicacy. In addition, precious metals, and shining stones can make each piece an irresistible attraction.

Colours. Stone made jewelry reflects stones original colors while precious stones jewels are a real explosion of wonderful colours (light blue, red, shining green) with elegant black & white exceptions.